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Lumières Avocats supports entrepreneurs and managers in creating and developing their activities with a simple objective: to help create value and support their growth.

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A set of expertise

Building on its expertise in corporate and commercial law, Lumières Avocats can assist you throughout the many stages of your business project:

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Lumières Avocats

Quentin-Alexandre Brigaud - Lumières Avocats

Quentin-Alexandre Brigaud, Lawyer admitted to the Bar in Lyon, France, has been practicing business law since 2008. After working in several specialized firms in France as well as in Amsterdam and Brussels, he created Lumières Avocats to develop a business law practice closer to entrepreneurs and their concerns.

Lumières Avocats aims to develop lasting, trusting relationships and provide concrete, bespoke and readily applicable solutions.

Creative and pragmatic, Quentin-Alexandre works with a constant concern for availability and flexibility. English / French bilingual, he can also support your international development or the setting up of a subsidiary in France.

Far from a rigid practice of the law, Lumières Avocats allows you to efficiently tackle your legal issues with a privileged partner.

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You just identified an issue or need some help on business law questions?

Contact Quentin-Alexandre Brigaud via contact@lumieres-avocats.com

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32, rue du Commandant Fuzier 69003 Lyon, France Tél : +33 4 78 195 995

Starting a business:

Starting a business is not limited to drafting standard articles of association and filing them with the Commercial Court clerk. It also requires defining the most suitable legal structure from the start and anticipating future needs:

Setting up a successful business also requires implementing a contractual framework:

Developing your activity

By forging lasting, trusting partnership, Lumières Avocats aims to support your business and facilitate its growth, and can assist your project whatever its degree of maturity:

Selling or buying a company or a business

Whether it is the transfer of your business or the acquisition of another company, Lumières Avocats helps you achieve your divestiture or external growth objectives:

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